Tavern Aragosta

aragostaIt is almost impossible to conjure up an image of the beauty and  charms of Lastovo and its surroundings in such a brief  presentation. This is just the perfect place to spend your  holidays  or summer. The crystal clear sea, the quiet and the  Mediterranean atmosphere are only some of the characteristic  features of our beautiful place, where the tavern is located. Lastovo became famous for its very clean sea, environment and neat seaside resorts. In an intimate atmosphere, you will enjoy the fixtures and fittings provided according to the highest standards worldwide, with all necessary elements, in order to make your stay as intimate as possible and to provide the highest possible level of quality.

zaklopaticaIt is located in the central part of the Lastovo Island, on the Northern side, in the Zaklopatica Bay, which offers a beautiful view of the Korcula and Vis islands. Zaklopatica is one of the most beautiful bays on the Adriatic; it is in the shelter of strong winds, which is particularly favorable to yachting. The sea air is characterized by an almost perfect atmosphere since there are absolutely no detrimental gases or factories in the vicinity. Because of the favorable climatic and environmental conditions, the first tourists started many years ago to come to the Marina, on a package tour basis, primarily for health reasons.


The Republic of Croatia is one of the youngest European countries, the Constitution of which was enacted on 22 December 1990, and which was internationally recognised on 15 January 1992. According to data of the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings, 31 March 2001, the Republic of Croatia has 4.437.460 inhabitants.

Its singularity and diversity lays also in an extraordinary beauty of its national parks, antique towns and romantic castles, caves and lakes, long beaches and unpolluted sea.

Reason more for chose our tavern in LASTOVO is known touristic destinations near by as:

  • hrvatska.gifTrogir – monument under protection of UNESCO;
  • Split – 1700 yrs. old Dioklecian palace;
  • Dubrovnik – Mediteranian pearl;
  • Međugorje – piligrims junction from all over the world;
  • Šibenik – known by the st. Jakov (catedral) made by Juraj Dalmatinac;
  • Krka – well known and famous by their beauty.
  • Kornati – National park